Aeroplane Monthly 1985-08
R.Riding - Avro 562 Avis /British pre-war ultralights/ (53)
Registered G-EBKP and powered by the 1,500 c.c. Blackburne Thrush radial engine, the Avis is seen taking part in the 1926 Lympne meeting, with Sholto Douglas at the controls.
The Avis folded width was 9ft.
The Avis seen at the 1926 Lympne meeting during the folding, housing and re-erecting trials. The ailerons on the top wing have been deleted.
The Avis was one of the few aircraft present at the 1924 Lympne trials that was considered a suitable training aircraft for the Service.
THE AVRO "AVIS": Three-quarter rear view. Note the single bracing.
The Avro 562 Avis in its original form, with the Blackburne Thrush engine installed after the non-arrival of a Bristol Cherub. Note the single wing bracing.
The Avis at the time of the 1926 Lympne trials. Its colour scheme earned it the nickname “Flying Carrot". Note that the ailerons on the top wing have been deleted.
Avro Avis