Aeroplane Monthly 1985-09
H.O'Neil - Who's for Hudsons? (3)
Seen in front of the North Beach Air Service hangar on Floyd Bennett field in the winter of 1938-39 is Lockheed B-14L (Hudson Mk I) N7205. The aircraft was unarmed, but was fitted with a mock dorsal turret for flight trials which began on December 10, 1938.
Hudson N7210 was one of the first of the type to equip 224 Sqn. It is pictured here in about May 1939; note the extended flaps and the lack of a turret.
Loading ammunition for the Hudson's dorsal turret, which was of Boulton Paul type, with twin 0-303in machine guns. The camera is looking aft.
The author's Hudson, N7266, on the grass at Sumburgh on June 21, 1940. It had just returned from attacking the Scharnhorst off the Norwegian coast north of Utsire.
A close-up of the damage to Hudson N7266. Much of the starboard aileron and the area just inboard of it was blown apart by an anti-aircraft shell from the Scharnhorst. Leaning on the leading edge are Plt Off Lynn and air gunner Sgt Cliff.