Aeroplane Monthly 1985-09
B.Johnson - Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch. 1914-1979 (4)
The Fieseler Reichenberg IV, a single-seat piloted version of the VI, exhibited at RAE Farnborough in November 1945.
The same Fi 103G being examined by American troops. The 18ft 9in span Reichenberg was powered by an Argus As 014 pulse-jet rated at 660lb-thrust to give a maximum speed of nearly 500 m.p.h. at 8,000ft. It was armed with a 1,874lb warhead and a total of 175 was produced.
Cockpit of a captured Fieseler Fi 103G.
Me 163B-1a Werke Nr 191316 was with the RAE at Farnborough in 1945. It is seen here in 1961 during refurbishment by RAF apprentices of the No 1 School of Technical Training at Halton before exhibition at the Science Museum in London, where it can be seen today.
The photograph of V1(A), the first prototype Me 163 (KE+SW), which made its first powered flight at Karlshagen, the Luftwaffe's airfield at Peenemunde, in July 1941.