Aeroplane Monthly 1985-09
R.Riding - Supermarine Sparrow /British pre-war ultralights/ (54)
Seen competing at the 1926 Lympne trials is the Sparrow in its monoplane Mk II form with 32 h.p. Bristol Cherub III engine.
The Sparrow's wings being unfurled for flight - note how the top ailerons fold downwards. The man on the far left who appears to be threatening R. J. Mitchell with a blunt instrument is doing no such thing.
Rare photograph of the Sparrow II wearing its registration letters, taken possibly at the time it was owned by the Halton Aero Club.
At Lympne: Testing the Blackburne engine of the Supermarine "Sparrow."
A later photograph showing a slightly different paint scheme.
THE SUPERMARINE "SPARROW": Three-cylinder Blackburne engine. Three-quarter front view.
The Supermarine Sparrow in its original 1924 Lympne form, with 35 h.p. Blackburne Thrush engine. The fuselage was doped dark blue with aluminium wings, tail unit and engine cowling.
An early photograph of the Sparrow airborne with Biard flying from the rear seat.
Supermarine Sparrow