Air Pictorial 1977-01
J.Stroud - Looking Back at 'Boats
Qantas D.H. Canada Otter amphibian VH-EAW "Kikori" taking off at Esa 'Ala off the coast of New Guinea
Qantas D.H. Canada Otter amphibian VH-EAW "Kikori" refuelling at Samarai on 7th November 1959
Short Sealand LN-SUH, one of two operated by Vestlandske Luftfartselskap, at the seaplane station at Bergen. These machines had their land undercarriages removed, becoming Sealand 3 flying-boats
VLS Sealand seen under tow at Sandviken, Bergen, in June 1953
Short Sunderland 5s of No. 230 Squadron. R A.F., at Pembroke Dock, seen from RN290 as it taxied out lor take-off during Exercise "Assess" on 12th October 1951
Left: Shadowing a "raider" (the fast minelayer H.M.S. "Apollo") in the Western Approaches on 14th October 1951 during Exercise "Assess". The Sunderland is SZ567 Right: "Apollo" at close quarters, from Sunderland SZ567. These ships could do 40 knots
One of No. 201 Squadron's Sunderland 5s alighting at Sullom Voe during Exercise "Mainbrace"
A submarine, with the Norwegian coast near Bremanger behind, seen from the cockpit of No. 201 Squadron Sunderland RN273 during Exercise "Mainbrace", September 1952.
SAS Junkers - Ju 52/3m LN-KAF "Askeladden" at Tromso on 12th June 1953 - terminal of the "Route of the Midnight Sun"
Polarity's Noorduyn Norseman LN-PAB at Tromsoe on Norwegian national day, 17th May 1949
Short S.23 C-class Empire flying-boats VH-ABA "Carpentaria" (ex G-AFBJ, transferred to Qantas in November 1937) and G-AEUA "Calypso” off Hythe, 21st June 1938
Aquila Airways Short Solent G-AKNU "Sydney" at Capri after operating the inaugural service from Southampton on 3rd June 1954
VLS Republic Seabee amphibian LN-PAK at Teroyen in Hardanger Fjord, June 1956.
Seabee LN-TSN tied up at Leroy, south of Bergen. Note damaged wingtip, a not infrequent injury when manoeuvring among ships and rocks - several new tips were fitted annually
Designed and built by Wideroe, the C-5 Polar LN-DBW is seen with test registration LN-11; it could also be filled with a wheel or ski undercarriage.
Latecoere 631 F-BDRA at Hythe, 15th July 1947. Fourth 'boat built, it was powered by six 1.600-h p. Wright Cyclones and had retractable floats
DNL - Norwegian Air Lines' Short Sandringham LN-IAU "Bamse Braker"at Hommelvik, Trondheim, 16th May 1949, while on an Oslo-Tromso service
Ansett's Sandringham VH-BRC "Beachcomber" on the lagoon at Lord Howe Island, 10th November 1959. This aircraft is now operated by Antilles Air Boats as VP-LVE
View alt from the astro dome of "Barnse Braker" as it neared Tromso, having come through the mountain gap on the left