Aeroplane Monthly 1985-10
??? - Preserved Prefect
The photograph was taken while NZ203 was serving on general tasks at RNZAF Ohakea during World War Two.
NZ203 on the day of its first post-restoration flight at Ohakea, on July 8, 1985. The aircraft was airborne for just under half an hour and, said pilot Lanham, “She handled just like a big docile Tiger" - the type which superseded the Avro in RNZAF service.
Almost half a century later the flight crew and the restoration team celebrate the aircraft's return to the air on July 8, 1985. From left to right: Sgt Bakker, WO Singleton, passenger Air Vice-Marshal David Crooks (New Zealand's Chief of Air Staff), Sgt Chippendale, Sgt Braddock, pilot Wg Cdr John Lanham, Cpl Campbell.
After the first part of its flying career came to an end, the Prefect ended up stored in a Hawkes Bay farm shed with its wings off. It is seen here leaving the farm in 1981 to return to the RNZAF.