Aeroplane Monthly 1985-10
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Spartan Air Lines Cruiser II G-ACDW flying off Cowes, Isle of Wight.
G-ABTY, the first Spartan Cruiser. Passenger entry was via the rear windows on the port side. This window arrangement was not used on the subsequent Cruisers.
The second Cruiser III on a test flight. This aircraft was impressed into the RAF as X9432 in April 1940, and was scrapped that June.
Scottish Airways Cruiser III G-ACYK, still bearing the old company name, after its crash near Largs on January 14, 1938. The effect of the crash on metal and wooden propellers is of interest. The accident was caused by a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure while flying in poor visibility.
Aeroput’s Cruiser II YU-SAO. The airline operated two British-built Cruisers and acquired a licence to build further examples in Yugoslavia. It appears that Aeroput built only one, YU-SAP.
Northern and Scottish Airways Cruiser III and Cruiser IIs at Renfrew.
A FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE: The Saro-Percival three-engined monoplane (Gipsy III) paid a visit to Heston on Saturday last, piloted by Mr. Percival himself, who had just brought the machine over from Martlesham where it had been undergoing official tests. Ability to fly on any two of the three engines is one of the features of this machine.
The Saro A.24 Mailplane after Spartan Aircraft had fitted twin fins and rudders and installed windows in the mail compartment.
Flying at Cowes as YI-AAA. Under this registration it was owned by Iraq Airwork for service between Baghdad and Mosul.
Northern and Scottish Airways' Cruiser II, G-ACSM, at Glenbrittle, Skye, still carrying British Airways' name beneath the cabin windows.
Spartan Air Lines Cruiser II G-ACDW Faithful City about to leave Croydon for the Isle of Wight on May 1, 1934. It has metal propellers and hinged panel entry to the cockpit. The starting handle has been inserted beneath the nose engine.
British Airways' Cruiser II G-ACZM at Newtownards, Northern Ireland.
Spartan Cruiser with six-passenger layout.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows the Spartan Cruiser II G-ACSM in Scottish Airways’ colours.