Aeroplane Monthly 1985-10
J.Stroud - Dornier on deck
Dornier Wal M-MWAP being hoisted on board HMS Eagle at 0530 hr on Saturday, June 28, 1929. The tow-boat and crew may be seen in the background. The aircraft was recovered 1,000 miles west of Gibraltar after drifting for a week.
Dornier Wal M-MWAP Numancia moored near Cartagena before the start of the transatlantic flight attempt.
A boat crew from Eagle struggle to tow the Wal to the aircraft carrier's side, watched imperiously by Major Franco who can just be seen standing in front of the aircraft's forward propeller.
The damage to Numancia’s starboard aileron and wingtip may be seen in the photograph, taken when the aircraft came alongside HMS Eagle. Note the small sail rigged just aft of the wing.
Numancia on the deck of HMS Eagle on June 29, 1929. Note the inflatable liferaft below the forward propeller, and the damage to the port wingtip.