Air Pictorial 1977-02
I.Stott - R.A.F.'s Biggest Tactical Fighter Meet
Buccaneer S.2 XW530 "P" of No. 16 Squadron, Laarbruch, Germany, being serviced at Leuchars' southern dispersal
Updated Harrier GR.3 XV751 of No. 20 Squadron, also over from Germany
Hunter FGA.9 XF435 from the Tactical Weapons Unit, Brawdy, in No. 79 Squadron markings and with an FR.10 camera nose
Jaguar GR. 1 XX968 "DB" of No. 31 Squadron, Bruggen. Note laser nose and ECM fin
Lightning F.2A XN724 from No. 19 Squadron, Gutersloh, Germany, landing at Leuchars on 3rd August. The squadron has since re-equipped with Phantoms and moved to Wildenrath
Phantom FGR.2 XV495 with full shark's-mouth and eyes markings, from No. 41 Squadron, Coningsby, which is now re-equipping with Jaguars.