Air International 2023-02
A CGI of the hydrogen fuel cell and engine system to be tested on A380 F-WWOW
NORTHROP GRUMMAN’S RQ-4 RangeHawks supported NASA’s Artemis I mission. Part of SkyRange, the US Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center’s uncrewed high-altitude long-endurance mission, the RangeHawks collected telemetry from the rocket and transmitted it during a gap in ground station coverage.
A Virgin Atlantic 787-9 will cross the Atlantic flying on 100% sustainable aviation fuel
Centreline Air Charter’s Citation CJ1 G-LUBB prior to departure from Gloucester Airport in late 2022
The new E-11A
Volato’s recent order for 25 HondaJet Elite IIs will give it the largest fleet of the light business jet
Airbus tests in the Filton wind tunnel.
The wind tunnel model of the eXtra Performance Wing demonstrator which is based on the Citation VII business jet.
The last new 747, bound for Atlas Air, about to be rolled out at Everett
US Air Force F-35A Lightning II 11-5021 ‘WA’/’65 AGRS'
The X-59 ‘should handle like a fast business jet’, Larson said
Part of a wing spar for Quesst is prepared for installation by Lockheed Martin technicians
The X-59 will fly over select urban communities in the US
Larson: ”It just looks cool. The best part is the excitement it creates” (2019 rendering)
Lead pilot David Nils Larson
Europe's FCAS is now a step closer
Artist’s impression of Embraer’s concepts for its Energia low-emissions regional aircraft
Founded by Chen Rosen, Netanel Goldberg and Rani Plaut, AIR is currently based in Pardes Hanna, near Tel Aviv in Israel
The full-scale AIR ONE prototype has been displayed at the Kentucky Derby, EAA AirVenture and the Detroit Auto Show
AIR's unique eVTOL for personal use has been designed with short-distance commuting in mind
AIR ONE can be stored in most garages and driveways and is suitable for trailer hauls
AIR ONE’s successful first full forward flight means that AIR is on track to deliver its first batch of aircraft in late 2024