Air International 2023-02
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Sanctions imposed following Russian’s invasion of Ukraine have restricted access to the Antonov An-124 fleet of Volga-Dnepr, which operates the largest fleet of commercial outsized An-124 freighters
The Boeing 777F is the most successful freighter in production in terms of numbers
GECAS owner AerCap has ordered 15 of IAI’s 777-300ERSFs, five of which will be leased to the launch operator, Kalitta Air
Mammoth Freighters is expected to deliver the first Boeing 777-200LRMFs in the second half of 2023
The Boeing 777-8F is expected to enter service in 2027 and will meet new ICAO emissions targets due to come into force
Boeing 767-375(ER)BDSF N240LD taking off from Tel Aviv, Israel, was the first -300 modified as a freighter by Bedek. IAI completed the 100th passenger-to-freighter 767 conversion in early 2022
Airbus has delivered 38 new-build A330-200F freighters. In capacity and range, the aircraft falls between the Boeing 767 and 777, but it can accommodate only one more pallet than the 767
The main cargo deck of an Airbus A330P2F passenger-to-freight conversion produced by EFW at Dresden, Germany. Modifications to both the A330-200 and longer -300 are offered
A view of the interior of the first A330P2F for DHL, which has ordered eight aircraft and has options on ten more. The A330-300P2F will carry up to 61,000kg (134,500 lb) of cargo.
According to Airbus, its “lower-density cargo” and “high volumetric payload capability” make this type suitable for freight integrators or express carriers
A cutaway model of the A330-300P2F, showing the main deck and lower holds
Airbus has delivered far fewer freighters than Boeing. It launched a freighter variant of the A350 in mid-2021 and had recorded orders for 31 by the end of 2022
CargoLogicAir was forced to cease operations in November 2022, having become a victim of NATO sanctions against Russian-owned businesses due to Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine
Выкатка последнего самолета.
The last ever Boeing 747-8F was rolled out in Seattle, Washington, on December 6, 2022 - it also marked the final ‘Jumbo Jet’ produced by the manufacturer
One Air, a subsidiary of cargo broker AirOne Aviation Limited, acquired IAI-modified Boeing 747-400BSDF G-UNET midway through 2022