Air International 2023-02
G.Karavantos - Royal Eagles go Greek
A RSAF F-15SA ready for another sortie as the sun rises for another day at Chania
RSAF F-15D deploys the airbrake as it about to rest on runway 29 at Souda AB
A panoramic view of the large wing area of the F-15 as it enters the ramp
A large formation of four Saudi F-15s with three external tanks, escorted by two Greek F-16s on a fly past during Falcon Eye
Due to the large number of aircraft during departure time, many fighters used the taxiway for their final checks
A Greek F-16D about to enter the active runway at Souda AB. The location of the flares/chaff dispensers can be seen on the spine of the aircraft
Airbrakes extended while the F-16 loses energy and comes to a rest. The airbrakes on the F-16 reduce their deflection automatically during landing so they won’t hit the ground on touchdown
Souda AB has a big ramp between the two squadrons where it can host as many as 14 fighter aircraft
RSAF F-15SA captured while taxiing on the south taxiway of Souda AB, heading to the active runway