Air International 2023-02
E.Bruijns, Greeuw - Lifting into the future
The turret on the AH129D is known as the EOP (electro-optical payload) and is produced by Israel’s Rafael
The Purple Team is a flight formation consisting of an escort helicopter (AH-129) and a tactical transport helicopter (UH-90)
The LUH programme, beyond the objective of progressively replacing all the current assets, aims to make the fleet more efficient
A UH-90A hovers in front of a rocky cliff during a training mission. The helicopter has been proven in many overseas missions including Afghanistan and Iraq
Maintenance takes place under high standards. After 300 flight hours, each UH-90 will go to Bologna for heavy maintenance
The UH-90A is a state-of-the-art helicopter and the fleet has logged more than 31,096 flight hours during operations at home and abroad
The NH90’s integrated avionics suite and glass cockpit facilitate intuitive interaction with helicopter systems
The cross section of the rotorblades of the UH-169 is reduced in comparison with the 212 and 412, making it better in confined spaces
The UH-169 programme has accumulated more than 1,600 flight hours to date. First deliveries of the UH-169M are expected at the end of 2023
The full glass cockpit of the UH169 is a joy for pilots to fly in; all the information possible at hand in order to fully concentrate on the mission