Air Pictorial 1977-03
G.Endres - Civil Aviation in Hungary Today
RSz still uses Antonov An-2 agricultural biplanes (HA-MHN illustrated). Polish-built as well as the original Russian machines are in service
Other types operated by Malev include the Il-18D HA-MOI
RSz Kamov Ka-26 HA-MMO flies low to spray a Hungarian vineyard. Co-axial rotors and twin booms are features of this Russian-built helicopter
Tailpiece - Complex rear view of an RSz Kamov Ka-26 fitted with agricultural spraybars
Another ambulance type operated by OMSz is the Aero Ae-45 (HA-OMD illustrated). Nosing into the picture is the Turbo-Porter owned by OVH, the State Water Board
Passengers embarking in one of Malev's Tupolev Tu-134s at Budapest's Ferihegy International Airport. Until 1950 Budaors was the capital's main civil airport but is today used chiefly lor general aviation
Other types operated by Malev include the Tu-134A (HA-LBK)
Tu-134A HA-YSB is one of two VIP transports operated by the Hungarian Government
Ferihegy Airport is administered by LRI (Legiforgalmi Repuloteri Igazgatdsag) which operates this Yakovlev Yak-40, HA-YLA, on flights to check ground navigational aids
Two of Malev's three Tu-154s, HA-LCE and (tail of) HA-LCB, being serviced at Ferihegy
In addition to agricultural aircraft, RSz operates L-410AF Turbolet HA-YFA on aerial survey work
Based at Budaors, all-white Pilatus Turbo-Porter HA-YDA is one of two used by OMSz on ambulance services
RSz (Repulogepes Szolgalat) is concerned mainly with agricultural aviation but also operates Zlin Z-206 Treners (HA-TRL in foreground) for pilot training - seen at Budaors
In addition to agricultural aircraft, RSz operates Reims/Cessna Skymaster HA-FAA
RSz Z-37 Cmelak agricultural aircraft HA-MGV. A Czech design, the Cmelak is widely used throughout Eastern Europe and several examples are also on the British register
Line-up of RSz PZL-101 Gawrons, HA-SBI, HA-SBC and HA-SBO. The Gawron ("Rook") is a Polish-produced development of the Yak-12