Air Pictorial 1977-04
M.Allward - Hawker Siddeley's AEW Nimrod /Design Profile/
Boeing 707-320B testbed for the AWACS system now incorporated in the definitive Boeing E-3A
Cutaway drawing of the Boeing E-3A
Open the nose cover and this is what you will find - a massive radar scanner measuring about 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. high. Use of nose and tail radars on the AEW Nimrod is considered by Marconi-Elliott to be preferable to the over-fuselage system on AWACS as there is no shielding from the aircraft's wings and fuselage
The AEW Nimrod development aircraft, a converted Comet 4, XW626 from A. & A.E.E. Boscombe Down, shortly after roll-out at Woodford on 1st March 1977. So far it has only the nose radar, developed by Marconi-Elliott, but the tail system is identical. Flight tests are expected to begin in June.
Artist's impression of the AEW Nimrod showing nose and tail radars and ESM aerials on the wingtips. Operators' stations are sited to port in the forward fuselage, ahead of the wing and behind the flight deck
Pilot and co-pilot on the flight deck of a standard Nimrod MR.1 of No. 201 Squadron
The aircraft the AEW Nimrod is intended to replace - Avro Shackleton AEW.2 of No.8 Squadron, R.A.F. Lossiemouth, one of eleven remaining.