Air International 2023-04
C.Sloan - Special delivery
Former Boeing president Bill Allen and Pan Am CEO Juan Trippe (right) celebrate the launch of the Boeing 747 in 1968. The long-time friends sealed the deal with a simple handshake while on a fishing trip
As the first twin-aisle passenger aircraft, the jumbo enabled airlines to connect people across vast distances and provide non-stop trans-oceanic flights
Atlas Air was founded more than three decades ago with a single 747-200 converted freighter. In the years since, it has operated almost every variant of the jumbo
Crowds gathered to watch the final 747 approach for a fly by following take-off from Paine Field
Current and former employees, customers and guests attend the ceremony to mark the delivery of the last Boeing 747
The site in Washington State has helped build every 747 ever produced. Pictured is a 747-400F example destined for KLM