Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
First flight of the Junkers Ju 88, December 21, 1936
Most of my paintings have some remote chance of being possible. I take care to collect accurate reference and correct details to back up my idea Seemingly unconnected elements - girl machine / graphic style - are arranged in a compatible time slot, e g Jane Russell/B-17, Marlene Dietrich/Ju 90 etc. This one, I am afraid, is way off, and is just what the title says, my personal French favourites.
Bebe would have been about 2yr old when l'Armee de l'Air fielded this frightful formation of flying glasshouses. She had become a sweet fifteen by the time Saoutchik fashioned this chrome gateau of a car - the 1949 Delahaye 175 I cannot find any aviation connection, alas, for the Sex Kitten, perhaps, then, she is fortunate to have both feet firmly on the ground while the Force de Frappe drones overhead. Who said Concorde was noisy...?
Anticlockwise, the bombers are Farman F 221, Farman F4-X (transport), Farman F 221-10, Amiot 143, Aerienne Bordelaise AB 21, Amiot 143, Breguet 460, Potez 540.
One of the sequences from On the wing depicts the Wright brothers' gliding experiments. This replica of their 1902 glider is owned and piloted by Ken Kellett.
Bucker Jungmeister HB-MKM was photographed by ERICH GANDET near the Matterhorn on July 27, 1986