Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Luft Hansa's Focke-Wulf A 16c D-659 Borkum, with rollover protection above the cockpit.
KEITH WOODCOCK's painting shows the Focke-Wulf A 16c Borkum in Deutsche Luft Hansa's livery.
The A 20a Habicht with Wright Whirlwind engine.
The Gnome Rhone Titan-engined A 28 Habicht. which first flew in March 1930.
The A 32 Bussard D-1910.
This A 33 Sperber, with high-gloss finish, was probably the prototype.
The new Focke-Wulf "Falke," with inverted vee Argus engine.
The Focke-Wulf A 13 (Fw 43) Falke at the Herman Aero Sport Exhibition in Berlin in 1932.
The Gl 18 twin-engined development of the A 16.
The A 17a Mowe D-1367 Leer, photographed in Switzerland.
The A 29 Mowe D-1757 Friesland at Bremen.
Two views of the prototype Jupiter-engined A 17 Mowe. Equipped with eight/nine seats, it had twice the capacity of the A 16, and bore a resemblance to the Fokker F.VII.
The last of the Mowe series, A 38 D-2082, Luft Hansa's Hessen.
Luft Hansa’s A 17a Mowe D-1342 Emden, with direct-drive Jupiter engine. After service with Luft Hansa it went to DVL as a research aeroplane, and was known as the A 26.
The A 17c Mowe D-1444 with Jumo 5C heavy-oil engine.