Air International 2023-05
M.Doran - Beating the Flames
Consistent and accurate water drops to avoid breaks in the fire line so the water penetrates vegetation are important aspects of aerial fire-fighting.
“At hundreds of brush fires and medical rescues, the Sikorsky Firehawk has proven to be the best all-in-one aerial firefighting weapon simply,” Los Angeles County Fire Department Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby
The Firehawk helicopter can be quickly reconfigured in flight for search and rescue, hoist rescues and medical transport, even with its 3,785 lit external water tank still attached
One of the three S-70 Firehawks in service with the LA County Fire Department fights a large wildfire. This agency is to receive two more examples of the type.
Firehawk helicopters have saved untold lives and properties as part of a highly effective air and ground wildland fire attack team
Erickson Air Cranes are part of the Australian firefighting effort every year
Erickson relies on tried-and-tested methods built up over more than 50 years as an operator, including 20-plus years in Australia and Greece
The Erickson S-64 Air Crane combines the capacity of a fixed-wing tanker with the accuracy, technique and refill speed of a helicopter
Erickson’s pilots are experts in planning and attacking fires, with most having been with the company for a decade or more
The SEI Bambi Bucket is seen on firegrounds worldwide
Columbia Helicopters Chinook 234 can take on nearly 11,000 lit of water and drop it in four seconds
The Sling Dragon can dispense 5,000 ignition eggs at up to 225 per minute
Sling Dragon allows the helicopter to fly higher and faster when over the burn area