Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
MICHAEL O'LEARY s cover photograph features the Canadian Warplane Heritage Hawker Hurricane IIC P3069
THIERRY THOMASSIN'S evocative photograph is of the Canadian Warplane Heritage's Hurricane IIC, flown by Rick Franks.
GORDON BAIN's breathtaking photo depicts Guernsey Airlines' Vickers Viscount V 806 G-BLOA, ex-G-AOYJ. outbound from Southend on November 12, 1986. First registered as G-AOYJ in January 1958, this Viscount flew with BEA until leased to Cyprus Airways in 1965
This painting developed from a straightforward commission to illustrate two home-builts, the Isaacs Fury and the Pitts Special. I wanted to capture the thrills and spills of a Hendon-type display and introduced some Hawker machinery into the proceedings - a Super Fury II, two Spanish Furies and an RAF Fury I. My ten-year-old daughter Nicolette was a great Fred & Ginger fan at the time, so I brought them in to choreograph the routines. “Flying down to Red hill”, perhaps?
Hispano HA-200 Saeta N5486J, owned by Joe Clark of Seattle and flown by John Muszala, was photographed by FRANK B. MORMILLO up from Chino in September 1986