Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
Personal album
Stirling III being bombed up at RAF Lakenheath, 1943. The Stirling III introduced a new type of dorsal turret (two 0-303in guns) and was powered by four 1,650 h.p. Bristol Hercules XVI engines. The aircraft's maximum bomb load was 14.000lb and its fully loaded weight was 70,000lb. In addition to the dorsal armament, two 0-303in guns were mounted in the nose turret and a further four were installed in the tail turret.
Various stages of bombing up a 199 Sqn Stirling III before a night raid.
199 Sqn crews on parade in front of their Stirling IIIs, Lakenheath 1943. Note the bull motif on the nose of the nearest aircraft.
A loaded Stirling III leaves RAF Lakenheath in the autumn dusk, bound for enemy skies.