Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
Personal album
Three 14 Sqn Mosquito B.35s in tight line astern following a bombing run over a practice target at Senelager, West Germany in March 1950.
This dramatic view of a 14 Sqn Mosquito B.35 was taken during an airshow held at Celle on June 20, 1950. The photographic Mosquito's tailwheel is visible at the top of the photograph.
A dramatic shot of RAF Manston taken from 14 Sqn Mosquito B.35 TA694 on September 25, 1949 during a raid exercise codenamed Operation Bulldog. This sortie was flown from Celle and the return trip took 3hr 35min. The aircraft on the ground at Manston are Meteors.
A photograph of Mosquito TK625 showing how a normal vertical F24 camera could be used to take rear-facing photographs, with the aid of a mirror set at about 45°.
No 14 Sqn shared Celle with 98 Sqn, some of whose Mosquito B.35s are pictured here in October 1949.
Two Mosquito B.35s have just dropped their bomb loads during a practice raid at Senelager on March 16, 1950. The photograph was taken from 800ft and the delayed action 500lb HEs can be seen exploding beneath the photographic Mosquito's tailwheel.