Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
Personal album
Fine view of 1833 Sqn Sea Fury T.20 VZ351 flying over the South Coast. The T.20 had only two 20mm guns (the FB.11 had four). The mirror mounted on the tripod above the rear cockpit allowed the instructor to see the reflector gunsight over the head of his pupil. Sixty T.20s were built and they were used by second-line FAA squadrons.
A trio of 1833 Sqn Sea Furies in formation over the South Coast. Nearest the camera is VX558.
The Bramcote-based Sea Furies of 1833 Sqn lined up at RNAS Ford. The squadron flew the Sea Fury FB.11 from February 1954 until July 1955, when it was replaced with the Attacker FB.24.
Another view of three 1833 Sqn FB.11s in formation over the South Coast.
Practice bombs looking rather incongruous beneath the wing of a Sea Fury FB.11.
One of 1833’s FB.11s, possibly WJ288, at Bramcote. WJ288 is currently preserved by Patrick Luscombe and, registered G-SALY, is being restored to airworthy status.