Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
A.Schoeni - Look Ma, no wings!
Photograph, taken by Lt Schliephake at Capodochino Airport, Naples in July 1960, shows Lt Jack Barnes shortly after he had landed his Crusader with the wingtips folded. Though of poor quality, this print is the only photographic record of seven such flights by Navy and Marine pilots, since all the other flights occured at night after the pilots had taxied with tips folded to refuel.
Vought F-8 Crusader with wings folded, showing the location of the ailerons inboard which enabled seven US Navy and Marine pilots to fly safely with the wingtips folded.
An F8U-2 Crusader with four Zuni rockets and two Bullpup A air-to-ground missiles. This photograph shows how a Crusader effectively lost one third of its wingspan if flown with wings folded. The ailerons on the inboard section of the wings gave pilots sufficient control to fly with wings folded thus.