Aeroplane Monthly 1987-08
L.Curtis - The Flying Duchess (4)
The duchess's Percival Gull Six, G-ADSG. She bought the aeroplane a month after the Moth Major, in October 1935, and named it Kittiwake. After her death the Gull went to India, where it was re-registered VT-ALT.
Moths can still be seen at Woburn at least once a year. Woburn Abbey is the venue for the de Havilland Moth Clubs August weekend - in 1986 more than 60 Moths descended on the Tavistocks front lawn.
The Duchess of Bedford sitting in her green D.H.60GIII Moth Major G-ACUR, named Curlew and powered by a Gipsy III engine. The Duchess purchased the Moth in September 1935 and it was whilst flying this aircraft that she went missing on March 23, 1937.