Aeroplane Monthly 1987-12
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Another aircraft of III./ZG 1, this time Bf 109E S9+MS of 8./ZG 1. It should be noted that III./ZG I showed only Bf 109E-7s in their official loss and strength returns; from the known Werknr of the respective aircraft, however, it appears that many were originally delivered as E-1, 3 and 4 variants and were later modified to E-7 standard.
Two views of Bf 109E S9+IR of 7./ZG 1, part of III./ZG 1. The Gruppe was officially absorbed into I./SG 2 on September 28, 1942, but seems to have retained a certain degree of independence at least until late November of that year. In late October/early November it operated from the airfields at Gambut, Martuba, Al-Quasaba and Bir-el-Abd, where these pictures were probably taken. When the Luftwaffe had to retreat in front of the Allied forces, at least 14 Bf 109E-7s had to be left behind owing to either damage or lack of fuel; in the official loss returns these aircraft are invariably listed as “blown up, 100 per cent loss”, although in fact a number of them were only superficially damaged.
Bf 109E S9+ES of 8./ZG 1.
An unidentified '109, its back broken, discovered by the advancing Allied forces.
Another view of Bf 109F DP+IZ, minus prop, cowlings, canopy, fin and half its undercarriage.
A Bf 109F variant, probably an F-4/Trop, still carrying its factory code DP+IZ.
This Bf 109G-2/Trop of 5./JG 27 was left behind by the Luftwaffe on an unknown North African airfield. Its markings combined a black numeral with a red horizontal bar, indicating the II.Gruppe of JG 27.