Air Pictorial 1977-06
Roger Freeman, author of "B-17 Fortress at War", beside "Sally-B", the Fortress now at Duxford
For a recent detachment to CFB Goose Bay, Canada, from 29th April to 27th May 1977, four Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2s of No. 208 Squadron, R.A.F. Honington, were painted in an experimental Arctic camouflage scheme of white and grey, shown on XV160
This photo shows the last of the twelve new Bell OH-58B helicopters delivered to the Austrian Air Force; it is coded "3C-OL" in black.
Also seen at Sharjah was Agusta-Bell 212B serial P551 of the U.A.E. Police
Tornado, Jaguar, Harrier and Hawk in a get-together formation to illustrate the four major military aircraft types produced by British Aerospace
China Airlines' new Boeing 747SP, B-1862, inaugurated a non-stop service from Taipei, Taiwan, to San Francisco and Los Angeles on 18th May 1977
An impression by Michael A. Badrocke of the Sukhoi Su-19 "Fencer" two-seat twin-engined swing-wing supersonic fighter-bomber, which is considered to be comparable to the U.S.A.F.'s General Dynamics F-111 and is capable of attacking large areas of Britain from existing bases
Beech D-18S N96240, ex G-AYAH, shown at Hurn 8/2/77, was ferried to Gatwick and Redhill 20/4/77;
Puma serial 113 of the United Arab Emirates' Air Force was photographed recently at Sharjah.
The 1/72nd-scale Revell/Italaerei model of the Airspeed Horsa glider
N33MN, first ol six Islanders ordered by Munz Northern Airlines of Nome, Alaska;
4X-AYF, one of two ex-Israeli Islanders flown to Blackbushe recently for Fairoaks Aviation Services
Britten-Norman Defender
Revell's Catalina re-worked as "Calypso" with diving accessories
Airbus sales prospects are looking up. Shown here is A300B-4 F-BVGI, the ninth Airbus to be delivered to Air France
Scottish Aviation Jetstream XX488, aerodynamic prototype of the Royal Navy version, made its first flight at Prestwick on 7th April 1977. Sixteen aircraft are being converted for R.N. observer training, to replace Sea Princes at R.N.A.S. Culdrose
After service with the Italian Navy as MM136560, Grumman Tracker N91368 returned to the U.S.A. through Prestwick on 22/4/77.
Produced to meet the U.S.A.F.'s "UCX" requirement for a four-jet executive transport, the McDonnell 220 was basically the Model 119 restyled. The earlier machine, registered N119M, is shown here; registration of the Model 220 was N220M. In the event, the competition was won by the Lockheed C-140 JetStar
HS 125 Series 600B HZ-AMM, test flown Hawarden-Speke 6/4/77, was delivered to Heathrow 7/4/77 in colours of Saudi Arabian civil engineering contractor Al Jazirah Al Arabiah;
HS 125 Series 400B 4W-ACA, ex G-AYEP, at Heathrow 22/4/77;
First Beechcraft T-44A twin-turboprop trainer for the U.S. Navy, 160842 was delivered to Corpus Christi NAS, Texas, on 5th April 1977. The T-44A is a military version of the Model 90
Also westbound after European service, King Air 100 N500TB at Woolsington on 6/4/77 was formerly D-IMDB of Daimler-Benz
Jungmann G-BEDA at Booker 17/4/77 after its handsome repaint;
The Luscombe Silvaire G-AFYD at Thruxton 30/3/77 after its first post-rebuild flight from Hannington strip;
Airlynx. A NEW airline now operating from Stansted is Airlynx, previously based at Southend and in recent years concerned mainly with buying and leasing aircraft to business concerns. For 1977 Airlynx will be operating five aircraft on North Sea oil work, overseas building construction, communications services in the Middle East, live lobsters to the South of France and general charter work. Fleet includes a Dove and several Piper Twin Comanches (see photo).
Among the types expected at Paris is the Zlin 250L aerobatic single-seater from Czechoslovakia - derived from the earlier 50L (illus.)
First of three Aeritalia G.222 transports ordered by the Argentine Army, AE-260 arrived at Buenos Aires on 29th March 1977 after a 12,000-km. flight from Turin-Caselle
24 марта 1977г.: поднялся в воздух прототип военно-транспортного самолета Lockheed YC-141B - удлиненный вариант C-141 Starlifter с рядом усовершенствований в конструкции.
Stretched StarLifter prototype, Lockheed YC-141B 60186 on its first flight at Marietta, 24th March 1977; fuselage is 23.3 ft longer than C-141A
First of three VFW 614s for the Federal German Government's VIP Flight, "17-01" was handed over to the Luftwaffe on 3rd May 1977 and will be based at Cologne - Wahn
Vickers Ltd.'s new Cessna 421C, G-BEVL, on its first visit to Newcastle 17/3/77
Citabria G-BEOS, shown at Newcastle 18/4/77, is based at Portesham, near Weymouth;
A new Enstrom Shark at Shoreham, ready for delivery to France as F-GAMT;
The R.A.F.G.S.A.’s Superfalke G-BEGG at Finmere 6/3/77;
Auster 6A G-ARHM, Cranfield-based, visited Finmere 6/3/77 after a two-year rebuild;
Fairey Britten-Norman Turbo Islander prototype after its first flight on 6th April 1977