Air Pictorial 1977-07
J.Holmes - The Hart Family (4)
A Hector of No. 2 Squadron, Hawkinge
Three camouflaged Hectors, with black under surfaces, of No. 59 Squadron
The prototype Hector, K3719, which first flew at Brooklands on 14th February 1936
Изображенный самолет был поставлен в рамках первой производственной партии из 20 машин Osprey Mk I. Самолет попал в 803-ю эскадрилью, приписанную к авианосцу "Игл".
Osprey I S1681, the third production aircraft, served with No. 803 Squadron and is seen over its parent ship, H.M.S. "Eagle"
Osprey I seaplane S1688 from R.N. Catapult Flights
Stainless-steel Osprey III S199.
Hawker's demonstrator G-AEBD, re-engined with a Hispano 12Xbrs, was sold to Spain as EA-KAJ and served on the Republican side in the Civil War. Other exports - Sweden 4 aircraft, Portugal 2
The single-float Osprey III, S1700, tested at Felixstowe