Air Pictorial 1977-08
M.Allward - Desmond Norman's NDN-1 Firecracker /Design Profile/
The Firecracker at Paris at the start of the Air Show, only a week alter the aircraft had made its first flight
The distinctive wing plan form and the excellent view from the cockpit are evident in this photo of the NDN-1 Firecracker, taken during its maiden flight on 26th May 1977. Desmond Norman is in the front seat and Andy Coombe in the rear
Puzzle picture. The flat plates near the top of the Firecracker's fin are not auxiliary tail surfaces, but the glide slope receiver aerials!
The one-piece canopy affords an excellent view from the ”stepped" cockpit
Firecracker cockpit. The seats recline slightly in modern combat aircraft style. The flight instruments only are duplicated in the rear seat
NDN-1 Firecracker
Only simple tooling is required to build the Firecracker. Sketches show (left) the Wing Centre-Section Assembly Jig and (right) the Fuselage Frame Sub-Assembly Jig