Air Pictorial 1977-11
R.Bedford - Ski-Jump Trials
Harrier XV281 comes off the ramp at Bedford on 23rd August 1977 carrying two 100-gal. drop tanks and two BL-755 duster bombs. The ramp is here set at 6 deg. but this has already been increased to 9 and will eventually go up to 20 deg.
Two views, in quick succession, of Harrier XV281 launching from the Bedford ramp on 11th August 1977, loaded with three 1,000-lb. bombs
Impression ol Vickers' new MACship (Maritime Area Control Ship) of approx. 12.000 tons, designed to carry five Sea Harriers and nine Sea Kings, and incorporating a Ski-Jump in the bows. Cost should be about two-thirds that of H.M.S. "Invincible"
R.A.E. Bedford's Harrier T.2A XW715 takes off from the 6-deg. ramp on 23rd August 1977