Air Enthusiast 1998-09
E.Myall - Sycamore Seeds
Sycamore HR.13 XD196 had a relatively short life, being issued to 275 Squadron in March 1953, and crashing in 1954.
Mk.3A G-AMWG in BEAH colours and named ‘Sir Gawain'
Delightful shot of all three BEAH Sycamores (G-ALSR centre), June 1954.
Classically standard MoS view of Mk.3 WT933.
Mk.2 VW905 showing the Leonides installation.
WA576, first Mk.3 to enter service trials and evaluation, initially at A&AEE from early 1958.
WV781, the first of four HC.12s for Coastal Command, during tests at Filton. It joined the ASWDU at St Mawgan in February 1952.
Mk.4 G-AMWI in Autair colours undertaking work for a Trinity House lighthouse, lt was used extensively for trials, demonstration and training work.
An early shot of the first prototype, VL958. Note the rudimentary air intake below the rotor pylon.
All three of the HR.50s for the RAN, on HMS ‘Vengeance’ off Weymouth in January 1953. XA221 is in the lift.
The second HC.11, WT924, seen at Northolt with the Metropolitan Communications Squadron in 1961.
The crash of HC.11 WT926 at Middle Wallop in April 1953. was attributed to pilot error.
Bristol Sycamore Mk.4.