Air Enthusiast 1998-09
C.Owers - Wackett's Winged Warriors
Lawrence Wackett in a No.3 Squadron, AFC, RE.8 during the 1914-1918 war.
The Widgeon I amphibian in flight.
The Widgeon I flying-boat at the Botany Bay site awaiting its first flight. Note the out-of-sequence registration G-AEKB.
The amphibian Widgeon I. Note the oleo undercarriage, revised wingtip floats and different style of registration.
Widgeon II at Darwin, Northern Territories. The Widgeon II was the first Australian-designed and built aircraft to make a round Australia flight.
The hull of the Widgeon I under construction at Randwick.
Wings under construction.
Internal view of the hull of the Widgeon I under construction.
The rear deck of the Widgeon I could be removed to provide a dingy for ferrying the crew to shore in remote locations.
Widgeon II at Point Cook.
The Widgeon II moored out at Darwin.
Widgeon I in flight.
Widgeon I on the water. Note the passengers in the rear cockpit.
The completed hull with removable dingy forming the rear fuselage decking awaits the wings.
On its first attempted flight Widgeon I ended up like this for all the press to see and publish similar photographs throughout the Commonwealth. Wackett vowed to keep secret his next attempt which was successful.
Widgeon (Puma) flying-boat.
Widgeon (Nimbus) amphibian.