Aeroplane Monthly 1973-07
R.King, H.Penrose - The Ptailless Ones
The first powered Pterodactyl, bearing its military serial J8067, performs as "new type” No. 1 at the Hendon Pageant, July 7, 1926.
A rare air-to-air view of Pterodactyl IB J9251.
The IB taxies past at the 1928 Hendon Display with its electroscopic rudders open.
The IC variant with tandem-wheel main unit and skids outboard.
Hill Pterodactyl
Westland-Hill Pterodactyl IB
The Mk IV appeared as a "new pterror” at the 1932 Hendon Pageant.
The Pterodactyl IV in its first form, before wing-tip rudders replaced the electroscopic type originally fitted.
Making a fast flypast, the modified Mk IV displays its wing tip rudders and increased under-wing fin area.
Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk.IV
This exciting air-to-air shot of the Pterodactyl V gives a clear impression of the wing planform and rear gunners position.
The Mk V with fins added to the wing-tip rudders and a fresh coat of paint. The original angular intake remains.
In its final form, the Mk V had a much extended nose, revised exhaust system and additional underwing fins.
The penultimate Pterodactyl, the Mk VII, was a twin-engined flying boat. It never passed beyond the project stage.
Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk.V