Aeroplane Monthly 1976-03
B.Gunston - Saab J29 /Fighters of the fifties/ (8)
A flight of Saab J 29Fs of the F.3 Wing, Swedish Air Force.
A brace of Saab J 29Fs with a pair of Sidewinders on their inboard pylons. The SFA afterburner on the J 29F was the first to be used successfully with a British powerplant.
J 29A 29147 of the F.13 Wing, during a visit to RAF Waterbeach in October 1953. The fuselage dive brake is just closing.
A J 29F of F.3 Wing, first to re-equip with this variant. It kept them until 1965.
Another of F.13’s J 29As, 29106. This Wing phased out its last J 29A in 1962.
A J 29 loaded with drop tanks and underwing ordnance takes off with the aid of Jato.
The first prototype J 29, which first flew in September 1948, shows the empennage finally adopted.
Saab J 29A 29139, one of 224 of its kind. Deliveries began in 1951, Air Force approval coming in January 1952 after rigorous service tests.
A rocket-equipped prototype J 29, photographed at Ostersund military airfield late in 1950, displays the two-tone camouflage briefly adopted for the type.
The first prototype S 29C, 29901, made its maiden flight in June 1953. Seven cameras could be carried in the modified nose.
Project R 1001 as it looked in January 1946.
Saab S.29C of the F 21 Wing Royal Swedish Air Force, Luela, 1954