Aeroplane Monthly 1976-11
L.Peacock - Grumman A-6 Intruder /Design analysis/
An A-6A of VA-115, the Chargers, based on the USS Midway.
View of the first Intruder, 147864, when it was known as the Grumman A2F-1 and sported a long nose-probe for test flying.
KA-6D tanker 151582 replenishes A-6A 151568 from its 3,000 gal supply.
A-6E 154126, wearing the colours of VA-176, the Thunderbolts, flying from USS America, was previously an A-6A.
Picture shows an A-6A at the moment of take-off during early trials.
The last of the first four pre-production aircraft was 147867, seen here with a generous stock of underwing aggression in the form of 30 500lb bombs in clusters of three.
A fine shot of A-6E 158047 of VA-34, the Blue Blasters, about to touch down aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, with wing tip brakes in evidence.
A-6E 155595 of VA-165, the Boomers, based aboard USS Constellation, began life as an A-6A.
Basic structure and flight controls
Operational equipment
Grumman A-6E Intruder, US Navy
A-6E, EA-6E, EA-6B
EA-6B 158800 of Electronic Warfare Squadron VAQ 129, the New Vikings, at Whidbey Island.
The second Intruder, 147865, is seen here, as an aerodynamic testbed for the EA-6A.
Originally an A-6E, 158799 is seen in service with VAQ-129 after conversion to an EA-6B.
EA-6B 158039, serving with VAQ-131 aboard USS Enterprise, displays its wing-folding mechanism.
A-6E, EA-6E, EA-6B