Aeroplane Monthly 1976-11
A.Ord-Hume - Henderson-Glenny H.S.F.II Gadfly /British pre-war ultralights/
A. P. Glenny flying the first Gadfly, G-AAEY, for the benefit of Flight’s photographer, after the fitment of the new wing featuring Capt Pearson’s "oyster” ailerons.
G-AARJ as it looked when intact.
Glenny flies the third and last Gadfly, G-AARK with a 40 h.p. Salmson radial engine, beneath the bridge over the Brooklands racetrack. In this picture it has conventional ailerons.
The aircraft is seen at Brooklands in its original form with conventional ailerons.
A close-up of the 35 h.p. ABC Scorpion installation and external elevator cables in G-AAEY
G-AAEY, depicted in the air-to-air shot.
G-AARJ went to Canada in 1930, where it enjoyed a brief life as CF-AMG. It is seen below at Hamilton, Ontario, still with rotary ailerons.
Glenny contemplates his narrow escape from Gadfly Mk II G-AARJ, following the unhappy "landing” at Wargrave on Thames.
A unique picture of Avro 548 G-EBAJ fitted with Pearson’s rotary wing-tip ailerons, their first installation on an aircraft. The 548 was powered by an 80 h.p. Renault and was a three-seater.