Aeroplane Monthly 1976-12
B.Williams - On tour with Cobham's Circus
The circus comes to yet another town. In this formation, led by H.P. W.10 G-ABMR, are two Gipsy Moths, Comper Swift, Desoutter, Tiger Moth, Airspeed Ferry and a Southern Martlet.
H.P. W.8B G-EBBI and Avro 504K G-EBYW caught by the tide at Rhyl.
Martin Hearn atop Avro 504N G-ABVH.
Martin Hearn takes it easy on the top wing of an Avro 504N.
Flt Lt Turner Hughes eyes the crowd from Tiger Moth G-ABUL as he flies inverted over Avro 504K G-ABHI and Cierva C.19 G-ABGB.
Martin Hearn doing his stuff on Avro 504K G-EBYW.
Cierva C.19 Mk IV G-ABGB flew with National Aviation Day Displays until February 13, 1933, when it crashed during a display at Cape Town. Cobham purchased C.19 G-ABFZ as a replacement and this Autogiro was flown during the 1935 tour.
S. J. Carr’s de Havilland Tiger Moth in 1930-period scheme at Old Warden in June 1976.
Flt Lt Turner Hughes climbs into Tiger Moth G-ABUL. Note the faired-in front cockpit and the Cobham practice of identifying each aircraft type in large letters on the fuselage.
Flt Lt Turner Hughes inverted in D.H. Tiger Moth G-ABUL.
Flt Lt Turner Hughes inverted in D.H. Tiger Moth G-ABUL.
Re-fuelling the "Airspeed Ferry" G-ABSI with National Benzole Mixture, a standard fuel equally suitable for aircraft engines or motor cars. Its passenger seats already replenished.
WIRELESS CONTROL: The Comper "Swift" G-ABPY has been fitted with a Standard receiving set in the small compartment so that the pilot (Flt. Lt, Turner Hughes) can be given, from the ground transmitting station, directions as to which aerobatics manoeuvre to carry out next.
Desoutter I G-AANE, flown by Tommy Nash for joy riding, was owned by Rollason Aircraft Services Ltd based at Croydon.