Air International 1974-03
These first illustrations of the Mil Mi-24 gunship and assault transport helicopter, which is now being deployed in substantial numbers by the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany and other components of the Soviet armed forces, depict two variants of the basic design designated by the Air Standards Co-ordinating Committee as Hind-A (general arrangement drawing here) and Hind-B. The auxiliary wings of the Hind-A are set at a substantial anhedral angle and each incorporates two weapons pylons, a vertical extension at the tip usually being fitted with a double-carrier for wire-guided anti-tank missiles.

The wings of the Hind-B differ in configuration and are set at a sharp angle of incidence. Comparable with the Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk, the Mi-24 uses similar gearboxes, power plant, drive shafts and controls to those of the Mi-8.