Aeroplane Monthly 1977-01
G.Endres - Czechoslovakian Air Transport since 1920 (1)
Fokker-assembled Douglas DC-3 OK-AIE of CLS was one of four used on the “Blue Danube” service.
The apron at Prague Ruzyne airport in 1938, with three DC-2s, a Fokker FVIIb-3m, an Avia F.39, a Wibault 283.T and a Potez 62 in evidence.
A line-up, in alphabetical order, of eight Avia-built Fokker FVIIb-3ms of CLS with two Fokker-built examples, OK-AAH and OK-AAI, in the far distance.
Avia-built Fokker FVIIb-3m OK-AFB was one of five such aircraft serving with CSA from 1929.
Farman Goliath L-BALF, right, was a Farman-built machine, although many of CSA’s Goliaths were Czech-built at the Avia and Letov works.
De Havilland D.H.50 L-BAHD was one of several licence-built at the Aero factory and operated by the company until taken over by CSA in 1927.
Saro A.19 Cloud OK-BAK flew on the Susak-Split extension from 1936. It was previously G-ACGO.
One of CSA's Savoia-Marchetti S-73s, used on the Prague-Brussels service in pool with Sabena from 1937.`
Airspeed. A.S.6E Envoy III OK-BAL, above, was one of four used by CSA on their service to Moscow, inaugurated on September 2, 1936. It ended its life in the Finnish Air Force, being damaged beyond repair on July 31, 1943.
The prototype Avia B.H.25 aloft. This machine and four others served with CLS from 1927.
Dutch-built Fokker F.XVIII PH-AIQ was sold to CLS in 1935, becoming OK-AIQ, and is seen at Croydon on December 3, 1938. At the end of that year it was sold to the Commercial Aviation Co in Palestine, and was withdrawn from use in 1939.
Five Letov S-19s served, with CSA. Note how the pilot’s cockpit was offset to port.
The Aero A-38 followed the A-23 into CSA service in 1929. L-BACB was the first of its type.
The Aero A-23 joined the CSA fleet in 1928. L-BAAA was the first, but does not seem to have survived as long as the other six, some of which were still soldiering on in 1937.
The Aero A-35 entered service in 1930, seven examples, including the prototype, being used by CSA.
The first aircraft used by CSA were ex-Czech Army Aero A-14 biplanes.