Aeroplane Monthly 1977-02
J.Sproule - Carrier-borne glider
Picture shows the author aloft in the Slingsby Type 20 over HMS Illustrious on October 19, 1949, during the second series of experiments. The first tests had taken place over four years earlier.
Lt Curry, RN, disappears below deck level, the T.20's wing tip scraping down the side of Illustrious as it descends into the sea on its last flight. The radio mast in which the tow cable became tangled can be seen immediately in front of the glider.
John Sproule prepares to rise to the occasion during the first "air-wake" investigations aboard HMS Pretoria Castle in May 1945. At this time the Type 20 was suitably camouflaged, but it was later doped silver overall.
The T.20 well clear and ready to rise.
During the 1949 trials, with the enormous fixed flaps in evidence.
Manhandled to a touchdown.