Aeroplane Monthly 1977-04
T.Olausson - Swedish Internees (2)
North American Mustang IVA KH695 was serving with No 65 Squadron, RAF, when it belly landed at Getteron, near Vorberg on the Swedish west coast, on April 19, 1949. Its descent was caused by engine failure during an escort mission over Shagerack-Kattegatt.
Avro Lancaster Mk I RA542, alias JO-Z of 463 Squadron, participated in the last Lancaster raid of the war when, on April 26, 1945, 88 examples of this famous bomber attacked the oil refinery at Valid, outside Tonsberg in Norway. Some of her crew suffered severe injuries.
A close-up of the nose of Lancaster RA542.
Avro Lancaster Mk INF920 Easy Elsie, coded KC-E, landed in a moor west of Porjus on October 29, 1944, having just scraped over nearby mountains with only two engines running. The aircraft remains there to this day.
This unidentified Handley Page Halifax II of 138 Squadron, coded NF-? landed at Tommelilla with a Polish crew aboard on November 8, 1941, owing to a fuel shortage following an agent-dropping mission over the crew’s home territory. These flights were the province of the Special Operations Executive, and comprised fast, long-range sorties across Germany to deliver agents, crews and equipment to the Polish resistance movement. The Squadron was based at Tempsford, and the aircraft were specially modified, having their nose and mid-upper turrets removed along with other equipment to reduce weight, thereby increasing speed and range.
Following an attack on German targets on September 8, 1944, de Havilland Mosquito P.R.IX LR435 of 540 Squadron, RAF, 2, suffered a fire in its starboard engine and landed at Bulltofta Airfield. It was later sold to Svensk Flygtijanst.