Aeroplane Monthly 1977-05
H.Seabrook-Smith - Berlin air lift (2)
Самолеты York британских ВВС разгружаются в аэропорту Гатов, где полеты выполнялись днем и ночью. Сделанные на базе бомбардировщика Lancaster, самолеты Avro York были самыми современными машинами, которые Великобритания могла предложить в начале поставок. Эти машины принадлежали 241-й эскадрилье оперативного переобучения.
The flow of aircraft was maintained day and night. The first Avro York in this queue, MW105, was the first all-freight version of the type.
A wave of Yorks have landed and are marshalled in front of the unloading hangars, where German labour did the muscle work.
Halifax G-AIWP of London Aero and Motor Services Ltd, operated on the Berlin Airlift by Skyflight Ltd, was sold for scrap in March 1950.
Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ltd’s Halifax G-AIHY, the aircraft the author flew in during his tour of the airlift. ’HY was damaged in a taxying accident at Le Bourget in December 1949.
Avro Tudor 5 G-AKBZ Star Falcon was destined for British South American Airways, but was converted into a tanker and, with others, served on the lift.
An RAF checker inspects a load of flour inside an Avro Tudor II.
Avro Lancastrian G-AKDR about to discharge fuel via a pipe into an underground tank. Owned by Flight Refuelling Ltd, this aircraft was withdrawn from use in May 1951.
Handley Page Hastings C.I TG553 loads up. The Hastings played a major part in the air lift, often serving as a "coal truck”.