Aeroplane Monthly 1977-05
J.Bruce - S.E.5 Fighter Supreme (1)
Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.10
The first S.E.5, A4561, at Farnborough in its original form, without armament, on November 23, 1916. Maj Frank W. Goodden is in the cockpit.
Farnborough’s S.E.5a, F904, is the only genuine, airworthy example of its type in the world. It is seen here before its Hispano-Suiza was replaced by a Viper.
The second prototype, A4562, at Farnborough, fully armed and fitted with a large windscreen and overwing gravity tank.
The first production S.E.5, A4845, is seen at Martlesham Heath in March 1917, the month it was approved by the RAF’s V.A. Department. It has a wind-driven pump under the fuselage, and the pilot's high position is indicated by the high location of the Aldis sight in the voluminous production-type windscreen.
A4561 after installation of a Vickers gun and the fitting of an overwing gravity tank. Note the extended windscreen and revised exhaust manifolds
The third prototype, A4563, at Farnborough shortly after completion, with overwing gravity tank. The repair to the port upper wing leading edge, necessitated by the removal of the original tank, is visible.
An early production S.E.5 cockpit, showing the asymmetrical windscreen and the Lewis gun in the vertical position at the lower end of its travel on the Foster mounting.
The original Scheme 2 design of the S.E.5 provided for a single Lewis gun firing through the propeller shaft of a geared Hispano-Suiza.