Aeroplane Monthly 1977-06
Two prototypes were built of the de Havilland D.H.110, originally produced as a transonic two-seat all-weather fighter for the RAF. The first, WG236, flew at Hatfield on September 26, 1951. The all-black second prototype, WG240, first flew on July 25, 1952, both being powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Avon jet engines. Despite the tragic loss of WG236 when it broke up during a demonstration at the SBAC Show, Farnborough, on September 6, 1952, killing John Derry and his observer, the D.H.110 was eventually ordered into production for the Royal Navy, entering service as the Sea Vixen F(AW) Mk 1 in July 1959.
Восстановленный M.F.11(???) сфотографирован на дне британских ВВС в Хендоне в 1937 году.
The Farman F.40 F-HMFl, now part of the Nash Collection in the RAF Museum’s care, flying over the Service Type Park on the occasion of the Eighteenth RAF Display at Hendon in June 1937.
Morane Saulnier MS230 Et 2 G-AVEB, built as an advanced trainer by the Societe Vasseur at Villacoublay in 1948/49, is now the only airworthy example of the type. Owned by The Hon Patrick Lindsay since 1966, it is maintained by Personal Plane Services at Booker, and was photographed by AIR PORTRAITS.
Philip Meeson won the Icicle Trophy on March 19, 1977, in this Coty-sponsored Pitts S-1S, which will perform at many of this season's displays.
Philip Meeson in his Pitts S-1S, sponsored by Coty.