Aeroplane Monthly 1977-06
B.Gunston - Ryan XV-5 Vertifan
The first XV-5, 24505, churns up dust at Edwards while landing and taking off from desert. The use of fans greatly reduced downwash.
The second XV-5A, 24506, makes a conventional take-off from Edwards AFB early in the test programme. The fan housings in the wings are clearly shown here.
This view of the XV-5B in conventional flight displays the new, wide-track undercarriage located outboard of the fans.
The XV-5B makes an airborne jet-to-fan conversion as part of final airworthiness tests before going to NASA’s Ames Research Center on August 28, 1968.
The XV-5B aircraft shortly after modification from XV-5 standard.
24506 in level flight. Of note are the intake above and behind the canopy and the calibration markings at nose and tail.
An XV-5A makes a vertical landing near an army tent during environmental testing in the Mojave Desert. The overwing fan doors are particularly evident here.
Ryan XV-5A; XV-5B