Air International 1979-01
??? - Fashionably Old-fashioned: Dornier's Versatile Skyservant
The original Do 28.
Dornier Skyservants in the finish of the Kenya Air Force, one of several African air arms that have adopted this light twin transport.
Among the several African airforces that have adopted the Dornier Skyservant as a general purpose transport is that of Malawi. The photograph show Skyservants in the markings of the Malawi Air Force and give an indication of the difficult local flying conditions.
Recent deliveries of the Skyservant have included a batch of six for the Kenya Air Force: two of these aircraft are shown here.
First deliveries of the Do 28D-2 variant, as now in production, were made to the Marineflieger in 1971, as illustrated here.
One of the batch of four Do 28D-1/S Skyservants delivered to the Luftwaffe for use as VIP transports and for photo-survey duties.
A Do 28D-2 in Luftwaffe markings; 101 have been delivered in this guise as well as 20 for the Marineflieger.
The original Do 28D Skyservant prototype on an early flight lest, without wheel fairings, dorsal fin and wing fences.
Latest variant in the Skyservant family is the Do 28D-5 TurboSky. with Lycoming turboprops. This is one of the original prototypes re-engined; a decision to put the TurboSky into production has yet to be taken.
A Do 28D-1. showing wing fences, modified rudder, dorsal fin. wheel spats and other minor modifications.
One of the original Do 28D-1 Skyservants, showing the full-span leading edge slat of this version, and the hatches in the underside of the fuselage to provide for camera installation.
Dornier Do-28D-2
One of the Dornier P305 projects which represented an intermediate stage in development of the Do 28D Skyservant from the original Do 28.
The Do 28D-2 in its current production configuration.