Air International 1979-01
??? - One-Eleven for the 'Eighties
Самолет Series 475, оптимизированный для эксплуатации в условиях жары и высокогорья, поставлялся авиакомпаниям "Air Malawi", "Air Pacific" и "Faucett".
One-Eleven Srs 475s are serving with excellent results in Central and South America, providing regular service at remote air-strips where short-field performance and rough-field protection are at a premium.
Военные и экспериментальные One-Eleven. One-Eleven создавался как гражданский самолет, его военное применение не предполагалось. Первыми из военных в 1968 году два Series 217EA заказали австралийские ВВС, бразильцы закупили один Series 423ET в 1969 году, а оманские ВВС купили один Series 485GD в 1974 году и еще два в 1975 году (на снимке). Все машины являлись военно-транспортными самолетами с одной большой грузовой дверью и усиленным полом кабины.
The Sultanate of Oman Air Force operates three One-Eleven Srs 475s as military transports, all having been modified since first delivery to have the fuselage-side freight loading door illustrated here.
One of the five One-Eleven 500s supplied to Tarom of Romania, from the latest production hatch.
A recent photo of Allegheny Airlines' 74 seat BAC One-Eleven 200, N1549, c/n. 043, at Washington National Airport. The highest time One-Eleven in the Allegheny fleet has logged approximately 45.000 flights since its original delivery to Mohawk Airlines in May 1965, representing a sustained average of 11 flights every day through the intervening 12 years. Allegheny now the largest operator of the British twin-jet with a fleet of 31.
The One-Eleven G-ASYD as the Srs 475 demonstrator after installation of hush-kits on the Spey engines. Earlier, it had flown as a Srs 400 and then the Srs 500 prototype.
The One-Eleven development aircraft, G-ASYD, flying in its current configuration as a Srs 670 - although the ejector silencers, as described in the accompanying account, have still to be fitted.
A close-up of the wing fillet or cuff.
The same aircraft after its redesignation as the British Aerospace One-Eleven 670 and with further aerodynamic and systems refinements.
A One-Eleven Srs 400 bearing the markings of Tiger Leasing Group (now Tiger Air), which has specialised, with considerable success, in the sale of pre-used One-Elevens for executive use.
A flashback to 1958 and an impression of the Hunting H.107 from which the One-Eleven was originally evolved.
British Aerospace (BAC) One-Eleven 670
A three-view of the One-Eleven 670, showing the ejector silencers and the wing fillets inboard of the fences; the lower side-view depicts the Srs 500 with hush-kits on the Spey engines.