Air International 1979-01
??? - Yakovlev 36MP /In Soviet Service/ (1)
A Yak-36MP in the final stages of a decelerated horizontal transition over the wake of Kiev in the Mediterranean. It may he seen that the nozzles of the main propulsive engine have been vectored downward, the trap covering the lift engines has been raised and its spring-loaded louvres opened, the ventral efflux traps are open and the flaps are partially lowered.
A Yak-36MP hovering above the deck of Kiev prior to executing a vertical landing with the nozzles of the main propulsive engine vectored past the vertical
A Yak-36MP hovering over the flight deck of Kiev in the Atlantic while the carrier was on its shakedown cruise to Murmansk during the summer of 1976. The photo was taken by the frigate H.M.S. "Torquay", who was shadowing the Soviet aircraft-carrier in the Atlantic, and show one of the fighters hovering.
The conversion trainer version of the Yak-36, the Forger-B, has a second seat added ahead of that of the standard model, the nose being drooped to provide some vertical stagger and the aft fuselage being lengthened to maintain the CG.