Air International 1979-07
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Ju 87B-2 operated by the 1.Onallo Zuhanobombazo Osztaly of the Hungarian air arm (Magyar Kirdiyi Legiero) in 1940-41, prior to this unit achieving operational status (in 1942) with the Ju 87D-5.
Ju 87B-1 29-9 of the so-called Staffel Jolanthe, a component of the Legion Condor stemming from the Ju 87A-equipped Kette Jolanthe and operational winter 1938-39.
Ju 87B-1 L1+GE of Stab IV(St.)/LG 1 based in East Prussia, September 1939. Note early style and location of insignia. Note emblem of IV(St.)/LG 1.
Ju 87B-1 6G+JR of 7./St.G.51 (subsequently 4./St.G.1) during French campaign May-June 1940. See emblem below right.
Ju 87B-2 T6+HL of 3./St.G.2 'Immelmann' during 'Battle of Britain'. This aircraft crash-landed near Selsey on 16 August 1940 after a raid on Tangmere. Note emblem (coat of arms of the city of Breslau) of 3./St.G.2 above left.
Ju 87B-2 S7+KH of 1./St.G.3 operating in North Africa in support of the Afrika Korps early 1942. Note emblem (below of I/St.G.3 (ex-I/St.G.76).
Ju 87B-2 6G+AC of Stab II/St.G.1 (originally III/St.G.51) operating on the Eastern Front late 1941. Note temporary white theatre finish. The emblem of II/St.G.1 (formerly that of III/St.G.51) is seen below.
Ju 87B-2 of 209a squadriglia (101* Gruppo Autonoma) of the Regia Aeronautica operating from Gars el Arid in September 1941. Note unit emblem.
(Left) Standard two-tone splinter camouflage scheme applicable to L1+GE, and (right) standard desert dapple finish applied to upper surfaces and applicable to S7+KH.
Ju 87R S2+MR of 7./St.G.77 operating in the Balkans in April 1941. Note theatre markings (yellow cowl, wingtips and rudder) and Staffel emblem below.