Aeroplane Monthly 1980-05
D.Middleton - Mr.Edgley's Optica Observer
A view which displays the barrel-like fan duct and the underwing Fowler flap guides.
Dave Kent by the bulbous cockpit.
14 декабря 1979г.: постоянно страдавший от различных проблем прототип разведывательного самолета Edgley EA-7 Optica впервые взлетел в Крэнфилде.
PETER HUDSON’S picture convey the Optica’s unconventional lines and the excellent view afforded the pilot and observer.
The twin booms, high-set tailplane and shrouded fan are displayed here. Note also the off-centre nosewheel.
Fowler flaps extended.
The Optica at Cranfield during final assembly, about mid-1979.
Edgley Optica